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November 7, 2008

Progress on OMAP

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Cluster viewNew image from the US and we have the external display running with a large image. Also the server have a build environment for the omap running. There are some trouble that the screen gets to light after a little while. That is while the demo is running if you stop the demo it work stable. Our guess is that the demo fill up a pixel buffer without clearing at just make stuff closer and closer to white. That should not be a problem in our application.

So now we know the omap can show images on the external screen. Now we just have to port the populus engine to run there. As the development enviroment is relly clean figurring details here out might take a little time.

Most of the week have been diged into other stuff all around demo for GM, fixing java stuff.


October 31, 2008

The Java problem expanded

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I try to expand a little on the java problem, Java is in some ways great. But when needing to match a binary format it have some weaknesses. Our problem is that we have a binary protocol, bases on bytes, Bytes that Java also don’t like, for this we need to write serialization and deserialize in java. There is already code in C++, but we like a pure java solution. In sort from java, over a bus, to c++ and back again. The bus might be slow and small, think CAN. So every bite counts. (more…)

October 23, 2008

We have sound.

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Sometime what you have to do is read, the mail fom Laci stated “You will have to get into the bios to change the default for the audio driver.” I added the bold, not as i read it “You will have to get into the kernel to enable the audio driver.” Well a few second in the bios and sound works. Sadly this hardware only give front sterio as analog output, no more 5.1 audio. On the other hand, i didn’t get 5.1 to play nice with helix last time we looked at it and only had the front speakers running anyhow. The moving of code is sort of does, atleast from my side, so it’s java hacking now. Somedays i HATE java. It’s not done to be combined with other stuff.

Having nice defines from “packet” type in an enum, works nice and clean to send but not really any nice what to the the byte, a data type btw sun hates. Turn that into the enum with an exception if it don’t fit. Apperently I have to write that looping or something by hand. Easy stuff shall be easy.

Populus remake

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Beat Populus - xkcd coming on us?

Rename, remake, move, almsot all code in the populus project source code three have now been rename, moved or cleaned up. The CMake and file structure is so much better now. Using CMake macros for includes are great.

Also vim have a nice feature :history, and :source ~/tmp.vim, run looks of :%s/Xyzzy/xyzzy/g

October 22, 2008 wite about us

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Give Consumers Design Power, Supplier Says… Sadly only for subscribers, e.g. not me….

We made it to SAE

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Found a article in SAE about us.

October 21, 2008

Demo a little to early

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We had some vistors here today from a car maker and we did show them the HMI, engine and running on the terget we got yesterday. Well the demo was ok, we still miss the media portal, internet connection, the firewall is in the way. Sound, it should work with some small fix. The UI have some buttuns that are to small for the touch screen. Yeah and we got the system out of the box well in time for the demo. Else it been most java interface to day, and making a move of the code in clear case. Breaking the build paths.

October 20, 2008

New intel platform

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We have now got our hands on a new version of the intel development boards. Installation was quite easy and it all started with out any problems. It looks now like someting that will be possible to put into a car. The americans had added an extra fan as it’s know to get a little hot. We still have to figure what of all the cable coming out there is for what sound line, should not be to much work. The engine did start at once with out any work at all. However some stuff we had fixed locally was still present on the card we got. It’s in our code and we know how to fix. The people not see our stuff before was impressed. I noticed some details in the gui that need fix to match the touch panel.

October 17, 2008


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Welcome to Car Development,

in this blog I plan to share some of my experiences of making software for the automotive industry. First a little on my background. In 1991 i ended up somehow at Umeå University, studying Computer Science. After some years I ended up working at the the universirty, but then I missed the spring and left to go home to my home town of Göteborg. I ended up at a small company called Open Software, they got aquered by HiQ and i stayed untill this year. Working as contractor mostly at Ericsson with telecom. Ealier this year i left HiQ, and started to work at a product company in the automotive industry, Mecel. At Mecel i work mainly with the developemt of infotainment for the car industry. The biggest project I have been working in most of my time so far is a Linux project, looking at the strengths and weaknesses of windriver linux on a intel platform. We have been working with adopting and changing the Mecel Populus HMI engine to fit this platform.

Also i have been private blogging a little about politics and my hobbies at home.

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